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We provide know-how,
independent consultancy and
customized services for your growth

  • Consultancy & Advisory

    antesi media is first and foremost an independent consultant, advisor and negotiator for sports rights holders.

    All recommendations and strategies are based on a careful evaluation of the clients’ needs to develop relevant markets on a sustainable and long-term basis.

  • TV & Video Rights

    Another core business of antesi media is the marketing of audio-visual content. antesi media annually license diffrent live sports and entertainment programs in over 30 territories worldwide.

  • Data Commercialisation

    antesi media has a strong expertise in the evolving field of sports data. Together with rights holders and partners, antesi media helps to develop strategies to generate untapped data revenues.

“The Internet of Things will have five to ten times as much impact on us as the Internet”
John Chambers (Chairman of Cisco)
  • Betting Services

    antesi media provides a broad network and know-how to and for the betting industry. We have acquired, markted and commercialized various audio-visual & data content for and to the betting industry.

  • Production & Creation

    Together with its production partners, antesi media provides consulting services to live productions in complex production set-ups as well as for low-budget (automated) internet streams.

  • Sponsorship & Advertising

    antesi media helps to leverage and activate the sales of your advertising and sponsorship inventory / portfolio. Whether setting the strategy, brokering sponsorships or consulting on innovative advertising, we are always a reliable partner.

  • M&A

    antesi media advises investors in M&A projects within the sport and media industry, during, before and after due diligence processes. Together with associated specialists within finance sectors we are able to provide fast and accurate suggestions for you to make the right decisions.